Techniques on Non-verbal Communication

Some techniques, which focus on the aids of non-verbal communication. That we can use in class are:


TPR is a methodology for beginners. It was developed by ASHER. He postulated that language must be taught through actions
It is based in kinecthetics/learning which reinforces the learning of meaning of the words. An example is the chant: “close your eyes “Children learn to understand simple imperatives with associated parts of the face.

The other technique mentioned is Action songs, which involves body movements. Ss perform the actions mentioned in the song as they sing it, so that the language is more deeply acquire. An example of an action song is HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES. This song practices the vocabulary of the body parts.

Actually, TPR exercises and Action songs (are choral activities that involve the whole class and offer Ss the opportunity to learn from the other Students.

The last type of activity that I will explain, in which Students have to use extralingüistic devices is Drama games.

Drama games: develops Ss ability to communitate both verbally and non-verbal. Also, they develop Students imagination and allowing the expression of emotions. E.g. What are we doing?
Where Students play in groups of 3. 2 Studentss mime an action, while the 3rd are has to guess what they are doing

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La comunicacion en la clase de lengua extranjera: comunicacion verbal y no verbal. Estrategias extralinguisticas: reacciones no verbales a mensajes en diferentes contextos

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