Definition of Communication

Communication has been defined as the communication as the exchange of meanings between individuals through a common system of symbols.

According to SAVIGNON, communication takes place in an infinite variety of situations and success in a particular role depends on one’s understanding of the contents and on prior experience of similar kind. Success requires making appropriate choices of register and style in terms of the situation and the other participants. Communication started being studied in detailed in the 1920´s. in the 1960´s MC LUHAN emphasized that contemporary society had moved from a print culture to a visual one. His famous phrase: “The medium is the message”. By the late twentieth century, the main focus of interest of communication was drifting away from MC LUHAN theory and centring upon:

a) the mass communication industries

b) persuasive communication and the use of technology to influence dispositions

c) processes of interpersonal communication as mediators of information

d) dynamics of verbal and non verbal communication between individuals

e) perception of different kinds of communication and

f) uses of communication technology for social and artistic purposes including education.

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La comunicacion en la clase de lengua extranjera: comunicacion verbal y no verbal. Estrategias extralinguisticas: reacciones no verbales a mensajes en diferentes contextos

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