Communicative activities in the Foreign Language Classroom

How does communication take place in Foreign Language classroom?

We can do it through the use of communicative activities. These activities are relapsed to the topics that we deal with in the course, and they are done through Controlled practice.

Littlewood distinguished 2 types of communicative activities.

Functional communication activities (which) involves the communication of information. E.g. doing surveys completing questionnaires of listening to stories.

Social ingeraction activities: Involve simulation and role-play. In a simulation pupils acts is themselves, while in a role-play. They act as some on else, An example is an activity in which Students of 6th level (can do a role-play) pretending they are ordering food at a restaurant.

Communication in the English class takes places in different ways. Focusing on Teacher´s interaction is essential that the teacher to communicate with Students in the Foreign Language. We speak English using a lot of gesturing and body language, using simple structures and vocabulary that Students are more familiar with.

We should always promote Students´ use of English when they talk to us. We can stick small posters on the walls containing some frequent expressing such as:

How you go something? I don’t know.

We should five good pronunciation models. We can use songs of chants to foster good pronunciation

In addition, we must create a Safe atmosphere in when Students feel confident in the use of the Foreign Language. and we should perform in a fun environment. Both aspects have to do with D ´s affective hypothesis.

We should take into consideration that the primary Students level of English is limited. Consequently, most of the Students´ production (in both oral and W) is guided and controlled production. The language input Ss receive should be just a little higher than their actual knowledge. This is what R calls INPUT +1

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La comunicacion en la clase de lengua extranjera: comunicacion verbal y no verbal. Estrategias extralinguisticas: reacciones no verbales a mensajes en diferentes contextos

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