Communication in the Classroom

Now, that I have developed the concept of communication, I will deal with the communication in the classroom. Communication in the classroom will be achieved by using communicative language teaching. In 1972, WILKINS tried to show that llanguage was organised around two systems of meanings and not around the traditional concept of grammar. These two systems of meanings include notional categories and categories of communicative functions:
  1. Notional categories are the meanings and concepts that the learner needs in order to communicate, for example, time, quantity, duration and location.
  2. Categories of communicative function are speech acts such as requesting, offering apologizing. This analysis has been incorporated by the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe’s aims are to make communicative competence the goal of language teaching and to develop procedures for the teaching of the four language skills that acknowledge the interdependence of language and communication.
Through the influence of communicative language teaching, it has become widely accepted that communicative competence should be the goal of language education.

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La comunicacion en la clase de lengua extranjera: comunicacion verbal y no verbal. Estrategias extralinguisticas: reacciones no verbales a mensajes en diferentes contextos

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